I love a good pair of earrings

Who doesn't like to splurge a little on themselves once in a while? (It tends to be mothers as we are always shopping for our kids instead of ourselves- I am so guilty of this!)

So, I thought I would run you all through a few of the beautiful earrings,we have on the website. They are all so beautiful and I certainly can't decide which ones I love more! 


They can be worn during the day to make an outfit look funky. They can be worn at night to enhance that beautiful dress. Or they can be worn around the house just to make you feel good about yourself & your style choses. 

I find the practicability of studs perfect for during the day. They can make a dull outfit pop or a bad hair day invisible (well at least pull the attention away from the hair issues). 

You know how when you meet a nice guy you find yourself twirling your hair? Well the tassels are also fantastic for this! They may even be a conversation start. They also make an awesome night outfit seriously awesome! If you don't have a pair of tassel earrings in your cupboard then you need some now! 

The droplet earrings are for the in between times when you want to look dressed up but not to the point of the fantastical tassels. Think, a nice lunch out with the girls or a trip to the art gallery. They are the best earrings for the cases when you just don't know which way to go. 

See the range here:
Happy spoiling yourself, 
Anita xx