Where it all began....

So today I thought I would let you all know how this journey began. Not the part where I think of starting an online store with fabulous Australian designers but when I actually sat in front of my computer, took a deep breath & started the reality of finding these wonderful designers to believe in, and give the Mocha Brown Design brand a go. 

I am quite the perfectionist and such a scaredy-cat when it comes to putting myself out there but when it came to introducing Mocha Brown Design to the world, I stood tall and believed in what I was doing. I was excited to see a new chapter began....here is a little of how that started. 

Finders Keepers

I have always enjoyed the Finders Keepers markets. I have visited the markets for several years and consider them as one of the best in the country. Designers have to be "selected" to have a stall at the markets and plenty of stock as it runs for two and a half days and is so busy. The stall owners must be exhausted by the end!

The Finders Keepers' website was the first one-stop-shop for me to find the starting designers for Mocha Brown Design. I wanted quality, unique and obviously Australian designed and made designs. I spent days lost in the designers websites getting more and more excited everyday. And of course, apprehensive, would they join in my venture?   


I contacted a collection of designers from many different categories- jewellery, ceramics, clothing, print work, etc. Ever designer I contacted because I loved their work and what a lovely group of people they were! I felt like I met the most open and friendly group of people! 

Meeting the designers

I put on my big girl pants and met over twenty designers at the Finders Keepers markets at Barangaroo and what fun it was! I felt like I needed a drink (it was 9am!) for some Dutch courage but the designers were as open and friendly in person as they were behind the computer screen. I was on cloud nine! From the twenty lovely people I met with, fifteen were happy to give Mocha Brown Design a go. Yahoo!

And then we began....

The products on Mocha Brown Design are all curtesy of these Australian Designers and many more. All the products are Australian designed and Australian made, hence our moto, Locally Designed. Locally Made.