Why Australian Designed & Made?

Some of you may be asking yourselves, "why did they start a store with just Australian designed and made products?" And some of you may be just enjoying the awesome tasseled earrings! 
The simple answer is to the question is, consumers want to know where their purchase come from and how they are made. They want to understand the story behind a design and that the product was made ethically. 
The aim of Mocha Brown Design is to showcase designs from Australia which are designed by Australians and are created in Australia. We are bringing together a lovely group of designers and helping their products to shine.
As a consumer myself, I found I would subconsciously look to purchase gifts for friends and family made locally. If I couldn't make it to a local market, I would try "googling". As we all know, Google is a world of its own and difficult to navigate quickly. That is when I thought "wouldn't it make sense to have these designers all in one place". And then Mocha Brown Design was born.
Let your light shine bright,
Anita xx