Seriously Milestones


From Issy the creator of Seriously Milestones: 

"When I had my first (crazy) baby, I really struggled to adjust to parenthood.  

It didn’t help that I was up all hours of the night with a non-sleeper trawling through social media. Why did everyone else appear to have their shit together? 

It wasn’t until my second baby came along (not as crazy, but also a non sleeper) that the idea of trying to change this social perception of parenting came to me.

Chatting to other parents confirmed that my crazy experiences were in fact, pretty normal.

Flash to 2016 when my brain was working well enough to start putting ideas together (thanks sleep school)….and Seriously Milestones was born. 

Seriously Milestones is about telling the truth - that having kids isn’t all coffee dates and gummy smiles.

The cards embrace the desire for parents to capture and share more of the ‘real’ parenting moments.

Seriously Milestones are intended to be used as a photo prop and can be shared using the #seriouslymilestones on social media, or by snapping a photo to put in the box with the cards as a keepsake.

New parents will even enjoy having a quick look through the cards to have a laugh, assured they’re not alone."

The view the Seriously Milestone range: