Toddler Milestone Cards

Toddler Milestone Cards

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Designed by Seriously, these hilarious "Toddler" Milestone Cards are for capturing all of those moments that happen when the little one in the family starts to become independent (or so they think!) 

Send a pack to your friends who have just hit the terrible-twos & watch the hash-tagged Instagram photos begin!  

The 19 Cards include: 

  • I can cut my own hair
  • I dressed myself (terribly)
  • Today I got lost
  • Today I was totally inappropriate
  • I was left alone for one minute
  • Today I drew on (-the wall - myself -left blank)
  • Today I went to the toilet... 
  • I cried because...
  • Massive public tantrum
  • Today I refused to wear clothes
  • I covered myself in (-make up -cream -flour -left blank)
  • This is why they call it Terrible 2's
  • Absolute threenager
  • I can climb out of my cot
  • I've decided I don't need a nap anymore
  • I love picking my nose (and eating boogers)
  • Ouch! Today's bumps and bruises
  • Repeated a swear word
  • My parents survived my first night in a big bed!